Monday, August 3, 2009

Of Human and Blob Body Fragments

Ana Moura Santos
Isabel Valverde
Jorge Gonçalves
and Blobs

Isabel Valverde

Isabel Valverde
Ana Moura Santos

Special Guest Editor
António Forte (DROID/ID)

Rafaela Macedo

Short stories emerge out of the simple presence, movement and interactions of shadows of humans body parts and digital blobs within a visual apparatus. Human and Blob Body Fragments is the 6th video of BlobDance project, which experiments modes of embodied experience and interaction within BlobMaker, an interactive application, and the power wall.

To the challenge of experimenting BlobMaker's multimodal interaction with blobs and body movement, was added the fragmenting possibilities of the power wall's 12 video projectors and computers. Along the visual and dynamic choreographic aspects, there is an emphasis on the very embodied presence and experience as shadow and blob within an interactive circuit. How much can be perceived and felt through such mediated mode?