Tuesday, June 10, 2008


BLOBDANCE: Blobhumans
Video Dance based on the embodied interaction with/through multimodal interfaces

Ana Moura Santos (Dep. Matemática/IST/UTL)
Jorge Gonçalves (Ballet Teatro, Dep. Dança, FMH/UTL)
António Forte (Video editor, DROID ID)

Embodied interactions with and through computer generated 3d graphics (Blobs) from mathematical formulas open these interfaces to other creative applications. BlobDance experiments the BlobMaker (Bruno Araújo) multimodal possibilities towards expanding and grounding the body expressive potential through a hybrid (physical-virtual) performance platform.

A Digital Video Dance and Animation, Blobhumans is the last piece of this ongoing project. Started on 2006, we created hppt://blobdance.blogspot.com. A format in tune with the project's work process of critically and creatively adapting/familiarizing with the systems/devices, geared to the development of a dramaturgical approach instantiated through performance and the production of videos.

Blobhumans is about the process of transformation of the embodied interaction with the multimodal circuitry. Three performers, appearing as silluets, and several blobs relate with each other within an immersive space. Holding and moving laser pens, the performers draw lines tracing their movement and spatial path. Blobs start to form and interacting with each other. First seemingly autonomous, blobs and performers start to relate dynamic and spatially, creating situations that converge physical and virtual realities and beings. As blobs and humans get physical and virtually connected, blobs gain human features and humans the blobs' appearance and behavior.
Multimodal Systems (installed at Room J. L. Fernandes / Taguspark / IST)
Video Wall (12 distributed computers and video projectors with rear projection)
BlobMaker Application, Voice and Speech recognition (Bruno Araújo, MA VIMMI/DEI/IST)
Laser Monitorization via infra-red (Ricardo Jota, Doutorando VIMMI/DEI/IST)